Saturday, May 1, 2010

"MGD" May Challenge - 2010

Well... here we are, into a new month. May is a month that we celebrate Mother's, Girlfriends and Daughters - get it MGD! I figure you all had/ have a mother, you all are daughters ( sorry men...) and some of you may have a daughter or more and ALL of us have girlfriends who we could truly not get along without. I have a bunch of all of those in my life and I am greatful to all of them. This month we will celebrate any and all of those that we have in our lives or in our memories.
This challenge will end with prizes made by me ( not again! ) and the way you will be entered in to win the prize is by leaving a comment! That's not too hard. Just comment and I will add your name in for a random drawing of three lucky winners at the end of the month. During the month I will share the creation(s) that I have made to give away.
The challenge portion of this to create something fabulous with the theme of Mothers, Girlfriends and/or Daughters. It can be a scrapbook page, a Mother's Day Card, a poem to a girlfriend, a shadowbox, and apron honoring a famous Mom... whatever! Just a special project. Then e-mail it to me and I will post it here. I'd love to hear a bit about the special person that inspired the creation and then share it with all the blog readers.
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Check back weekly because I will be posting mini challenges as well... just to get your creative juices flowing. And... just FYI National Letter Writing month doesn't officially end until Mother's Day.... so, it would be a great time to send out a few Mother's Day cards to friends and mom's!


Jeni Looper said...

Very Cool Challenge. While I am new at being creative with such things I look forward to trying...

Dogwood said...

Oh, what a fun challenge! I'm in!!! I have my thinking cap on and hope my creative juices kick in.

Happy May Day to you...