Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get Well cards....

Get Well Cards are one of the types of cards that are sent the most... that's a hallmark fact! So, Blog Pal Paula... has a friend who is in the hospital in San Francisco battling to get over his Lukemia. He will be in there for the next three weeks for his chemo treatments. I thought it would be great if we bombard him with Get Well Cards this week for our writing challenge.
Paula says that her has a wicked sense of humor, the ky's the limit ... and he loves words and the english language!!!

Tom Beattie
c/o UCSF Moffit/ Long Hospital
505 Parnassus Avenue
Room 1145-2
SanFrancisco, California 94143- 0914

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Dogwood said...

I will get a get well card out today.