Wednesday, June 16, 2010

watercolor memories....

BREAKING NEWS... this just in!
Flat Fanny was spotted in Thailand! Really, she left her mark in the sand on Rat Hat Island in Ray Lai Bay. She was pretty busy swimming with jellyfish, drinking a bucket and searching for underwater buddah's... but believe me when i tell you... she was there! It's beautiful there, right?
And this little guy is a musang... it's name is, whatelse?Fanny!!!! Kurtis and his friends said they just hang out around the hostel they were staying at in Rat Hat island. He loved then and i thought i would share... Fanny the Musang, in Thailand. Next stop for the traveling trio and Fanny... Cambodia, Laos and then back to Thailand... i guess.
Flat Fanny Folded Fabric... say that 10 times fast!!! Hey Flat Fanny Folds Fabric Flat Folds... so there.
Today i sent out a few postcards. Fanny helped, but she didn't make the photo shoot - I made her clean the brushes. I am addicted to watercolors and watercolor paper right now. Although tonight, we will be sewing on paper.... loving this summer!!!

Audrey is a teacher and she just finished the year!!! Yeah... school's out for summer. She and Fanny have been writing report cards, packing up her classroom, and getting ready for a family reunion in Oceanside. The family is gonna love Fanny... even though she isn't suited for heavy lifting!

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