Friday, July 23, 2010

I have been bad about uploading some Flat Fanny Adventures lately.... and I apologize to those of you waiting to ee where she has been. She has been very busy! And i have heard rumors that she is attending the Ashland Shakespeare Festival and even has a staring role in Cinderella... the play! Wow... she has had a busy summer. She will be going with me to the CHA show (crafts and hobbies association) in Chicago next week... so watch for some celebrity shots and sneek peeks of new crafty stuff coming to a craft store near you. She is hoping to meet up with Flat Leilani there too!!!!
Now... onto Flat Fanny's summer adventures......... enjoy!

This cute little guy is Brody. He is hanging with Flat Fanny on a camping trip to Lake Alminor
Flat Fanny helped Mark and Jennifer with some tie-dying with the family at Lake Alminor... where is her tie-die... oh well, she looks super cute in pink!
She found her way onto Mark's shoulder after a hard day of tie-dying... did you notice that she is made out of fabric? She has wire inside her body so she bends... and Jennifer sewed each strand of hair onto her head. I love that!!! So cool, Jennifer!

Oh yummy.... Flat Fanny traveled with Shelly and Emma to San Francisco and stopped into a candy store for some sweet treats! Looks like she is staying cool in the city!

Ok.... ladies, keep your pictures coming! And watch for your next challenge for letter writing... we are still working on Christmas in July and Random acts of Mailing to Ann Boeger! So... keep those cards and letters coming!!!

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