Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goodbye... Flat Fanny

First... a little background.
For those of you who are not familiar with "Burning Man"... first, take a look at these pics.
It was started in 1986 in San Francisco started by a few friends to create a statement about "the man"... I think 20 people came and it grew and grew
It's now host to over 40,000 in the desert of Nevada. No money is allowed and you can trade things to get thins as well. So.....
Now... it's 2010 and blog reader... Paula went to Burning Man. She took Flat Fanny with her. The plan was to have Flat Fanny burn with the man. Well... tha's kind of a huge undertaking. So, Fanny did burn... symbolically in a fire pit. Paula asked someone who had a smaller fire and asked if she could burn her paper doll. I wish i was there for that. Hehehe..... oh well. I guess that's a fitting end to the summer and now... on with the fall!!!
Above is Flat Fanny ready to take one for the team....
and in seconds... she and all her glory was gone. Thanks Paula for sharing your burning man and flat fanny adventures with us blog readers. I hope all of you are working on your FALL ANGEL PROJECT..... i'd love to see any parts and pieces as you continue to work on them!

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