Sunday, September 26, 2010

her fairiness and a crafternoon

We had a fabulous crafternoon today with me, kurtis and ashly making dolls. I love nothing more that doing this. Everyone did great.... take a look
the doll above was ashly's first attempt at sewing and she make a super cute ugly doll for her 17 year old sister.
this was my attempt at a flying fish... entitled... bird brain.
I really wanted to make a bird but it turned out more like a fish... thank heavens for art
Kurtis always does great... with a moustache, pocket and claws for the fingers and toes. Sorry Kurtis... but it's still cute!
wait for it.........

here is dianne, creator of the fabulous fairy sculpture from the post from September 21st. Here she is (middle) in all her fairiness at a halloween party from years past. Just wanted to share this tonight... because i have no new entries. Come on ladies, where is your fairiness? There is still time to send me a picture.....

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