Friday, January 28, 2011

agenda for the day...

this is not LA... this is the CHA headquarters in Illinois. We are in sunny California and headed to the CHA show. SO excited... the show opens tomorrow. Here's the schedule for the day ( and really, i am listing all this as much for me as anything!).

- wake up kurtis who partied with his first girlfriend from elementary school and got in at 2:30am
- goldstien's bagels for a little nurishment
-off to porto's bakery to buy cuban empanada's and potato balls and a fruit tart to take to the show
-meet karen and john at 9am
-set up press room table
-finish booth
-attend buliding bridges roundtable with other designers
-attend photoshop for designers class
-look at booth one more time before we leave
-go out for a wild and wonderful evening in hollywood, dancing and drinking the night away ( really, you think that's me... i will be in bed by 8:30pm! Trying to fall asleep... it's like CHristmas for me... tomorrow is the opening of the show and the BIG day!!!)

ok... off to CHA!!! cha, cha, cha

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