Friday, January 14, 2011

oh joy...

At Christmas, we had a meeting with our Sierra ATC's group where we did a little gift exchange. I framed a little Christmas girl i drew and Joy was the lucky recipient. So... a few days ago, in my mailbox, I recieved a beautiful JOY bottle.
She had taken it, totally cleaned it and popped in a little thank
you note and sealed the whole thing back up. It went through the mail beautifully. I love it!
Thanks Joy! She always has fun with mail art. Just wanted to share this with you to get you all excited about this coming NATIONAL LETTER WRITING month in April. It's the highlight of our blog challenges here! I will start accepting names and addresses to be added into the challenge starting the first of February. The way it works is I will pair you up with a blog letter writing buddy. You write them a note or a letter and when they get it, they take a picture of it and e-mail me with it and I post it on the blog. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to go to my mailbox last April.... full daily of beautifully decorated envelopes and boxes as well as some fun mail art like Joys bottle here. Really, the highlight of my year. I hope you all will join us this year!

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Dogwood said...

Oh Joy! So cute and so so so creative!