Thursday, January 20, 2011

wear a sweater....

check out this blog.... and get your favorite sweater. On February 17th.... in Canada ( this should be everywhere)... they are asking for Canadians to trun down their thermostat and put on a sweater. I think it great.. .and we need to get it take off here in the good old USofA. However... i am a much bigger fan of those really thick, furry, mexican blankets.
But only the ones from Mexico because the ones from Korea are less furry... really. You know, they are shiny and furry and usually have a saint of ugly animal on it.You can find them at your local swap meet or on some random street corner - and... i did buy one of these for each of my kids for Christmas because they are super warm. Kurtis got a tiger, Bee got wild ponies and RJ got zebra stripes - in purple! Yuck!!! But really warm!
....when you head outside... put on a sweater.
Preferably the ugly kind... which are actually cool again. You know... like Bill Cosby wears. Because really, who is cooler than the Cos?

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