Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Menu..... writing letters

I am so so excited! Tonight i paired up the Blog Buddies for the National Letter Writing Month challenge. There are 19 of us. The e-mail has gone out to all of you that responded.... if you didn't get an e-mail from me with the address of your blog buddy - let me know and we will need to add you.
SO.... start writing letters, making cards, buying cool stamps and let's get some snail mail going. If you DID NOT sign up for this months challenge... it's not too late. Just send a cool card or letter to someone... anyone you know. Everyone loves getting a letter in the mailbox that is NOT a bill. If you make a card and it's cute, send m a picture of it so i can post it on the blog for all to oooh and awe over! Have a fun month. I gotta go write a letter.

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Anonymous said...

=( I missed it...and I am soooo sad....You always have the best ideas, I love writing letters..