Saturday, March 12, 2011

on the menu.... mama bun bun

bun bun number two.... mama bun bun.
she too wears her heart on her sleeve. And has a miss matched set of ears...
signed on the bottom
with a fluffy flower tail
very spring-y
and a secret pocket next to her heart to keep her treasures safe.
oooh.... there is a baby girl
and there is her flat brother....

safe and sound with mama bun bun!


Susan said...

Love Mama Bun Bun! I can just see you making this little beauty.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, it's me Chris and I want to sign up for National "Letter Writing Month" For all you ladies that watch Lindsay's blog, this was one of the best. I loved getting cards and letters from people I didn't know. Having a blog pal was even more fun. You could exchange art, ideas, and just talk about your lives. Worth doing ladies.

OK Lindsay, don't forget to sign me up.
Chris Shoberg, lover of squirrels. ROFLMAO