Sunday, May 22, 2011

at this moment....

At this moment... i am working on designing some samplers for a new company that I am designing for. This sneek peek is of my friend kelsey helping out with the stitching process. I need to have 6 done by June 1st... anyone a good embroiderer, and fast? These are for Halloween 2012!!! Wowie.
And, at this moment ... while i am drawing... I was looking at my new favorite thing i made. These are old slide boxes.
I covered them with some cool scrapbook papers, some snippits of fabrics from an artist smock i was designing at the time and voila.... boxes to sort out all my drawing tools. The blue, puple and green hold coordinating colored pencils, the orange, yellow and red hold those colors, the whites hold pencils and white erasers and the blacks hold my Pitt pens. Love this system. Now, i need more slide holders! Happy Sunday all!!!

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GerryART said...

I love your use of slide storage boxes.