Saturday, May 28, 2011

whoooo knows.....

Whooo knows what today is? It's Lindsay needs to find some inspiration day to create two mixed media pieces for two commissioned pieces. The first one is Owl related. So... i have taken to the internet for something that screams ( or screaches ) at me in the owl world. These little crochet owls are super cute... but we are needing primative.
I love this witchy owl here... she is kinda my style. I found her here on a primitive doll site...she's a real withcy woman. She's kinda me... but not really
I found this little beauty on etsy. Not my style but very inspirational. You'd think that would be enough to get me creating. But no..... Ok. I better go and take pen to paper here and come up with a Lindsay owl. Wish me luck. Check back tomorrow to see what comes out of this day. Whoooo knows.

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Traceyr said...

Great owls there - I can't wait to see what yooo dooo!