Friday, July 8, 2011

SISTERS and self portraits....

So... here i am in a $180 jacket in Sisters, Oregon. We ( four friends) are here for the Sister Quilt Show. We got here a day early to shop the stores and boy did i! I didn't buy this jacket... yet! But i think i need it, right? Anyway... this is my self portrait for today!
This digital beauty is created by my funny friend Janet Chance. She drew herself with duct tape over her mouth. We have a retreat twice a year and we have a running joke saying that if your criticize your own work, you get a piece of duct tape over your mouth.... to duct tape your inner critic. Thanks Janet... this is perfect for you!

This one is from Laura Kelly ... the sharpie spokeswomen! I don't see too much doodling going on here... just a super cute collage girl. I love it. It does look alot like Laura... thanks for this one laura!!! Check out Laura's blog for more of her doodles!

More pictures from Sisters Oregon and the quilt show tomorrow!

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