Thursday, September 15, 2011

Save our Post Offices

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

This is my quote for today.....
I will write more on this later, as I am on my way to mail a few letters and get to work... but i woke up this morning to find out that the Postmaster general is closing 30o0 post offices across the country. NOOOOOO!!!! And one of them is my cute little Gold Run post office where my friend Shelly will be soon out of a job.
More importantly... we need to rally to save our post offices. I have thought about this for a long time but we really have to step up now. I am working on a plan but for now here are a few steps...
-write a letter
-send a card
-teach a kid how to write a letter
-buy some cool stamps ( a new dog stamp just came out and it's super cute)
-teach a kid some manners and how to write a thank you note
-send ONE less e-mail and write a note instead
-go buy some pretty stationey
-put down the texting device and send a note

Come on people it's not hard. We cannot afford to loose our post offices! Really, what will they take away next??? Think about it. This is a part of history that needs to stay with us!


Anonymous said...

I just read the post you put on my blog, I am speechless (well not really speechless) more like angry, I DID hear that in the near future they will not be teaching the kids cursive, which is unthinkable to me (my son's teacher told me this in a parent teacher conference), I had NOT heard that they weren't going to teach printing, that is unreal! wow. I'm not seeing ANY good coming out of that. Well, I for one will send more letters in spite of all this. I dearly love my penpals.

Mountain Mom said...

Just bought a book of stamps ... Goal to send out atleast five cards by Friday!!! We can't lost our post offices that is positively unamerican!!!