Monday, October 17, 2011

Rena's halloween ATC bag

My friend Rena just joined our mail art group called UGRA.
So, i had anyone in the group that wanted to play send me an ATC card for her. The theme was halloween.
while they were all making their cards... i was busy making a little patched bag to hold them in.
i did a bunch of free motion foot doodling with words on it. I think it came out super cute
especially the pumpkin and the fabric was so cool to work on.
I presented it to Rena at the best day of my life! When she came all the way from Wisconsin to teach me and the UGRA gals to watercolor. I will post those pics next... we painted paper dolls that she designed. So cute, so fun, so wonderful.


Anonymous said...

bless you bless you for posting camera has taken a big doo doo on me....not just the battery....I need to ask my son if I can borrow his camera and post about these...I almost have them worn out looking at them!! LOL. What an amazing R.

vicci said...

It was a fabulous day !!!! I'll have to dig some of my quilts out and post them....I loved Rena's bag of atc's...wonderful...Thank-you for such an awesome day Lindsay !! XO

vicci said...

Loved this day !!! XO