Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside.....

 Oh yes it is cold outside Virginia.... it snowed last night and rained all day today. So today i stayed in, turned on the Hallmark Channels ( 14 new movies this season- what could be better ) and started working on new things for the local craft fairs.
 The signs above are actually the same one. It's my new double sided signs. One side has a Holiday quote and the other side has a picture and a place for personalizing... so cute, huh?
 These are my new little 3x3 hangers. I love them.... they are 3x3 with book pages and then art on one side and the other side is ready for personalizing.
She is my cubby angel. Sweet little thing. Let me know if you are interested in any of these before they hit the craft fair scene. Just e-mail me at and we will work out a deal! More to follow.... ho!ho!ho!


Patty said...

Very cute what are these made out of? A sort of plastic?
They are awesome...I love them!!!

lindsay ostrom said...

Patty... these are made out of wood. I have a furniture maker near my work and he puts out free scraps. I got about 300 pieces last year and my hubby cuts them to size and drills them for me.
The little angels are just chipboard with book pages on top of them...
thanks... glad you like them