Friday, December 30, 2011

The book of Luke...

 Please forgive me for this totally unlike me fluffy and sappy post on the eve of New Year's Eve. But all week my life has been filled with Luke the wonder Dog, aka Mr. Doo's or Lukie Doo's, if you please. He is very old, 15 to be exact and I am not sure that he is gonna make it to ring in the new year. He stopped eating a week plus ago, hasn't gone potty in the same amount of time and is non responsive and listless. He is going in for an ultra sound on Monday. They think he might have prostate cancer; which really wouldn't matter because they say they don't advise operating if he does. He's too old. Lost too much weight and so on. So, he is comfortable and not in pain because the two of us are so doped up on pain pills we are both seeing fluffy pink clouds. I hurt my shoulder this week lifting Luke into the car - tendenitious and burcitious ( i am sure i butchered that spelling, oh well). So here we have sat all week together... watching and waiting.
 When Riley was 2 she went to a birthday party of a little girl who was the daughter of my cousin's best friend. I got a call when the party was over and Riley's little voice on the other end of the phone said "mommy, i got a puppy for a party favor". Believe me, our track record with dogs when the kids were little was not a good one. I said no. When i got there to pick her up she was holding this little ball of black fluff. He had white paws and a white chest. So cute. So, i said yes. And Mr. Luke ( of Luke and Laura or if you ask the kids, Luke Skywalker )came to be a member of the family. Best dog ever. So sweet. So loving and so Riley's dog. Even today when he wouldn't lift his head for me... he would for Riley. He still responds to her.
Bailey never drops by... but she did today. Everyone has said their goodbyes. 15... that's alot of licks, alot of going for a ride, go for a walk, alot of go get the ball, alot of dog parties in the back forest, alot of love and alot of good boy Luke! Not sure yet what will happen on Monday but I do know this; Luke the wonder dog is the best dog I have ever had. Thank you Luke for being there for all of us at different times in our lives. You rock! We love you.


Tina Gilmore said...

Hi Lindsay, so sorry about Luke, he really is beautiful...thinking of you. Loved your piece in cps your work is lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful life he has had with you all too; being so loved. <3