Wednesday, December 28, 2011

starting January 1st, 2012
   This has been an idea of mine for a while now. I want to get everyone motivated to get crafty next year ( which is only 3 days away). So, i am starting a club. You will have to sign a contract and keep it in your craft space to be a member and commit to a certain number of crafts a month. Here's the basic idea...
   This year I participated in 4 craft fairs during the holidays. I was able to make enough money to buy all our Christmas gifts without spending a penny of our own money. That's my goal for next year and I hope to motivate you all to do the same. If you don't want to participate in craft fairs, then sign up to get some crafts made to give as gifts during the holidays.

  On New Years Eve, I will post the contract for you to downoad and put up wherever you craft. You will need to commit to make 1 large project a month, 5 medium projects a month or 10 small projects a month. Then put them into a brown grocery bag and staple the bag shut until the fall. You will then have enough goodies to take to a craft fair or at least give as gifts. 

  We here in blogland would love to see pictures of whatever you make. You can email me photos and I will put them up here to inspire others. I will also be posting some ideas that I have seen sell well at craft fairs. You can also become a member of PINTEREST... the very best place for crafty ideas. And, you can become a member of The Crafty Girlies Club on Facebook where we will all post our crafty ideas. It's a private group so request to be added and I will add you! I will be giving you ideas for crafting and ideas for craft fairs. You can always email me or comment here if you need help... we are here to help!

  So, get ready to ring in the New Year and the New You! A crafty girl in a neighborhood of crafters. Come on, it will be fun. And you will surprise yourself with how crafty you are. We will continue to have blog challenges here including our National Letter Writing month in April... but this will continue all year. 

Here's wishing you a Crafty New Year!!! Get ready to craft!!!

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