Monday, January 9, 2012

 This weekend's project included getting better after having a bout of a 24 hour flu, working on some ideas for some new home dec products, drawing up some pages for a few books i am commissioned to draw and created a banner for a magazine. Charley ( Brent's one year old bestie) is checking it out here.
 I took a banner pole from work and got rid of the ugly garden banner and created my own. It's kinda a tribute to Luke ( and Charley, i guess ). The roof has free motion words that read...
to our
home is always
open to a 
friend, family,
and any and all dogs
beer and deer... just
leave your shoes and
come on inside.
I love it. I handpainted each piece of fabric in it... and quilted the whole thing. Tomorrow it will be on it's way to a magazine. Hopefully, it will come back to me
when the snows are gone.
who am i kidding...
there has been no snow
but there is a full moon tonight...
 and the air is a changing!

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Lisa D. said...

Looks wonderful! I love that free motion stitch.