Tuesday, February 28, 2012

day twenty - eight ... new fallen snow

day twenty- eight
 the joy of a 
new fallen snow
tonight we are waiting for the snow.
suppose to get 3 feet.
so excited!!!
it's the day before the end
of the 29 day creativity challenge
watch for a winner on the 1st
a reviel of the new challenge
is almost like this one.
hey, here's the deal...
i have had so much fun this month that I wanna keep it going
and after all, it is my blog ... right?
so, if i can inspire just one person 
that's what counts
so.... watch for that challenge reveil on 
the 1st.... and get moving!!!

1 comment:

jfishn@earthlink.net said...

My dear, I love your work! You are inspiring this old lady!