Thursday, March 1, 2012

in one word.... march challenge

well, here we are...
on the eve of a new challenge.
for those of you new to my blog - we have a HUGE challenge in April. I will post more info on that soon. It will take me most of the month to get ready for April.... so, for March... i decided to go simple. Here it is...

...In One Word...

I want you guys to do something creative using ONE word in the piece. A stitched piece, an altered piece, a photo, a craft... something that uses ONE word. You have the whole month to do just ONE project.
When you complete it - 
please email it to me to post here. The amount
of blog comments will choose the winner.
(if you are a bit leary of lettering... remember, you can use rubber stamps, collage letters, stickers, book page clippings etc... be creative)

Oh wait.... did i forget to tell you that I will pick a new word each week?
yep, starting this sunday i will post a word. So... you can have something new to work with every week. I hope that you will all play for the 4 weeks in March. That will be fun.
(a prize will be given... one made by me!)


and the winner is...
there were four this time!
Joy, Karen #2, Chris and Gail
congrats ladies
along with myself...
you all were creative in your own ways 
for 29 days....
i hope you found, as i did 
that with each day you got better and better
each day you put thought into your piece(s) and
your body and mind started craving the creativity.
you will all get a prize...soon!


Traceyr said...

Sounds fun Lindsay and even I can manage one project a week (I hope) so what's the word this week?


kae pea said...

Did you already say what the first word is? Did i miss it? :)