Saturday, March 3, 2012

in one word... week one


There it is...
the word for the week 
March 3 - 9th



now what?

 be creative
 collage it
on a canvas
in an art journal page
make a banner
design a prayer flag
create an ATC 
make a card with it
emboider it
paint it
do it in mosaic
sew an art quilt
felt it
stamp it
bake it into cookies


find your "thing" and use it!

then, take a photo or scan it and send it to me ASAP so we 
can post it here and get some great comments on it - please!

(oh... and if you click on it... you will go to 
for the real definition on it... if you need that)


Traceyr said...

Brilliant hope to get my thinking cap on and making something real soon.


bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Lindsey- Are digital art creations acceptable for the One Word challenges? I do both digital and "hands-on" art, so I just want to know. Thanks!