Monday, June 11, 2012

fanny meets her new idol...

This week, Ann's Flat Fanny had a terrible accident. Ann carry's Fanny in a manila envelope while she runs around and does her errands. This week she was helping her daughter who works for challenged althletes and they had taken Fanny in and out of the envelope several times. They were getting ready to meet
 Katy Sullivan, pictured here with Ann and Fanny.

Low and behold... when she pulled her out of the envelope - Fanny lost an arm. Katy is a double amputee and is currently running in the paralympic games in London this summer. Ann says that Katy has an incredibly great sense of humor and got a real kick out of Flat Fanny and the fact that she lost her arm right then and there. Ann has asked me to create a Flat Fanny for Katy to take to the Paralympics this summer and I will be honored to do so. Thank you Ann for sharing your touching story and to Katy for her courage and amazing gift for life and running!

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