Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hola from Senora Fanny and Senor Felix!

This is one of Three emails i recieved yesterday from Toni.
I had to reach out to friends to help me translate....
and thank heavens for my friend DeeMarie who lived for two years
 in Madrid going to 

Read the email and enjoy the pics...
check the translation at the end....

* * * 
Hola Lindsay,

Me llamo Toñi y soy profesora de plástica en el colegio San Luis
Gonzaga de Majadahonda en Madrid. Imparto esta asignatura a alumnos de
2º y 3º ciclo de primaria.

Nosotros aún no estamos de vacaciones y he aprovechado las clases para
que algunos niños hagan a Fanny y a Félix y los hemos fotografiado en
distintos espacios de nuestra clase. Espero que te gusten.

Un saludo


Hi Lindsay,My name is Toni and I am a modelling/moulding professor (female) at San Luis Gonzaga de Majadahonda school (academy) in Madrid. I gave out this assignment to the students of the 2nd and 3rd primary grade/level.

Although we are not on vacation I have made good use (taken advantage of) the classes so that some children can make Fanny and Felix and we photographed them in different areas of our class. I hope that you like them.



* * *
Thank You Toni. These pictures made my heart 

smile! For those of you who want to see what a 

fantastically creative teacher Toni is... check he

blog at

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Traceyr said...

Fantastic that Fanny is getting to travel around the world. :)