Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flat Fanny Finds Friends....

Oh the Places Fanny will go
and has gone... all summer long!
Above is Fanny ready to order pizza in 
San Diego, CA
 Here she is with Elaine and Kayla painting their nails

 Here is Fanny on a little beach in Italy... really!

 Here is Flat Filomena on a beach in California, really.
Here she is getting ready for a trip
(i am sorry... i can't remember where she is going or with whom, i am sure you will let me know...)
 Here she is hiding in the flowers of some million dollar mansion in southern california
 Here she is ready to eat pizza... or get eaten, not sure which one...
but she is in Lynchberg Virginia with Helen's Family
 She ate the pizza cause all the rock climbing made her hungry... go Fanny... you can do it!
Here is Shojo ( i think ) with Karen and Wendy playing with paints
 Here she is with Cory and her girlfriend having tea in Pasadena
 Aiden let he tag along with him to Legoland!
She crafted all day with Carmen, Sharen and Loretta and hung out with some other Flats....
Love this last picture of Fanny and her friends Chris, Elaine and Kayla... almost becoming a sandwich in North Carolina... on her way to New Jersey!

wow... that's alot of traveling!

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