Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lindsay gets jealous of Fanny....

So, next year I am thinking about not doing Flat Fanny. Why, you ask. Well.... everyday i wake up and go to work and I come home and plop on the bed so tired that my bones ache and then i look at all the adventures that Fanny has had that day. It's so unfair how much fun she ( and you all ) are having. Me... not so much. So... just a bit jealous for the moment. Above is Helen's Fanny who has just gotten done eating a whole bowl of  steamed seafood in New Jersey. Yum!!!
And here we have Jessica's fancy Flat Francie... who is there watching a soccer match in Hamburg - GERMANY!!!! Wowzers... that is so cool. She looks a bit over dressed but sweet!

This is Jessica's niece with her Flat Victoria also in Germany ( as you might be able to catch by the stein of beer) - they had a wonderful time together!

Carolyn's  Flat Fanny had a few traumatic weeks. She was locked in a suitcase in California... oh no!When she came home the whole family went to the beach without she is back having summer fun with Carolyn's GrandBird!

Judith is waving good bye to Fanny who is on her way with one of Judith's good friends for a whole month in the UK. Well, pip pip cherrio Miss Fanny!!! Don't forget to write... and send pictures!

Here is Lynette's Fanny in Pismo Beach. It looks so peaceful there... and to think just a few weeks ago there were over 400 vintage trailers right in that same sand. She looks so fresh and summery here. You guys are all having way too much fun with your Fanny's ... thanks so much for playing!!!!