Sunday, July 1, 2012

God Bless America... and Flat Fanny....

So, alot of folks have been missing seeing my art and what i am up to. I have hit a bit of a creative wall. I am doing a bit of art journaling though... and here is one for the week ahead of us.
Happy Fourth of July America!!!

Here my friend Debbie made little smash books for her granddaughters and Fanny and felix made it into the book
( love the idea of making a book out of old scrapbook papers)

Here Carolyn's fanny ready to mount her horses.... she looks fabulous

 Here she is in a sunny new dress after being locked in a suitcase for a week when Carolyn went to San Francisco. She is marvelously fresh and summery!
 this fabulous pinterest inspired pic is brought to you by Helen from a family members graduation party... yummm
 here is Helen's family fixing Italian food for the fest 
with Chef Fanny!
Tamara's Fanny is hanging in a traveling library converted from an old train case... love this!

Here is Fanny sitting far away from the water fun at the graduation party... she hates to get wet, it wrinkles her clothes....

Carleen took her Fanny with her to Pennsilvania...
a sad moment here but it doesn't even phase Fanny's
bubbling personality!

Here is Carolyn's  Fanny with the hounds before her horseback riding session. I sure hope we get to see her on her horse!
Hope to see all your Flat Fanny and Felix photos soon!
Have a safe and same 4th of July!
My Fanny will be riding in the Dutch Flat parade,
oh those should be great pics!!!


Sharon P. said...

I hope you delete this because it is for you personally and not for others to read. I LOVE your art....and I have enjoyed your blog...but I am going to stop following until you get past "Fanny".

Traceyr said...

Wow she does get around. Today Fanny was helping me with my strawberry picking. Details over on my blog. :)

Dogwood said...

I love love love seeing all those precious Flat Fannies and where they go and what they do.

As you know, my original 2012 Flat Fanny stayed in Balboa so I have created a fresh new one. Her dress is pink!