Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Prayer Flags for Fanny and Lindsay

 I think i forgot to mention that Flat Fanny is so afraid of fireworks that she left for the past two days. She went to Mexico where it's safe... hehehe. On the beaches of Mazatlan.....
 As for me... I started making my prayer flags. I have made 3 so far in the last three days.
 In case you don't know. . . .Tibetan monks make or hang colorful prayer flags everywhere in Tibet. There is a flag for each prayer that is made... so i am doing the same. I started with one for my son's girlfriends dad who is fighting cancer and he needs all the prayers he can get. This one I did for our country... because we also need prayers.
I love them because they are little 6x8 mini quilts basically that I can finish quickly. Perfect project for me. For more on Prayer Flags - check out The Prayer Flag Project.
Hope you had a safe and sane fourth of July....

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Traceyr said...

These look lovely Lindsay what a great idea.