Wednesday, September 26, 2012

thank you Joanne

 I went to my mailbox today, expecting the same old bills and political junk mail.... and there was a key in it. That always means a box in the big mailbox. So i was excited immediately.
When i turned the key, i found a big box. So exciting!
It was from an old friend and customer of The Paper Rabbit's, Joanne Walton. She found this rabbit that I drew and made it into this super cute pillow for me. Love the coloring, love the colors and love the precise stitiching. It made me smile in the midst of a really bad week. Thank you so much Joanne! I love this!!!!


Traceyr said...

What a lovely thing to receive in the post. And yes what neat stitching.


Createology said...

This is so adorable and such a treasure from your friend and follower. Blissful Creating...