Friday, November 2, 2012

day one.... 22 days of gratitude (and prize announcement)

Today is the first day of the blog challenge this month...
22 days of Gratitude
Let's find one thing to be thanful for each day from now until Thanksgiving
and put it in a creative and meaningful way in a pretty book to keep forever.
so... today was a hard day for me to find anything to be grateful for.
i came home after a tough day and my husband said
i should be grateful for him ( hehehe) and our warm fuzzy blankets
so that was a done deal!
(my book are the three pics above)
i opened my email from blog buddy Bonnie
who is also grateful for her hubby Troy...
very great thing to be grateful for....thanks for sharing bonnie!

NOW.... what are you grateful for???
Sen me your entries at
might not be able to post them all... but i will try!
thinking that this challenge might need a prize... what do you think?

So........i made this GIVE THANKS plaque in my class last night and i thought... hmmmm, why not give it away to show that i am grateful for all of you entering and playing in my challenge. So, by the honors method... let me know on the 25th  if you paticipated in EVERY DAY of this challenge. I will put all your names in a basket of dog treats and let good old Charley choose the winner! I will pick a winner on NOVEMBER 29th and send you this pretty piece!

Now.... what are you grateful for today?

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