Monday, November 26, 2012

Winner, Winner Charley's Dinner...

 So.... i was a bit late drawing the winner of the GIVE THANKS plaque. I have had so much to do the past few days... lots of orders to fill on ETSY, lots of work at work to get done, packing to go to my mom's house tomorrow... so much to do. I am sorry i neglected to have Charley help pick a winner. 

Tonight... he was relaxing in his favorite spot in front of the heater. When he was a puppy he liked to lie right on top of the hearth of the fireplace. He's too big, he doesn't really fit there now. So, the heater works well. 

I put all 12 of the players names on papers and folded them up. It was pretty late so I didn't really want to give him a treat to try and get him to pick one. I put them all in my daughters hands and we just let him at it....
Here he is taking a paper out of Riley's hands. It turns out that we didn't need a treat after all. The folded pieces of paper were treat enough for this wonder dog.
 Below is Riley prying open Charley's mouth and digging out the winners name. Now, i bet you can't say that other blogs go to such lengths to choose a winner. When we finally did get our winner we gave charley back the paper ... he loved every bite of it.
 And here he is post winner picker. He did another fabulous job pickin'
And the winner is....
JANET CHANCE of California!!!
Congrats Janet. I will be sending you your give thanks plaque
and thank you for playing.
I am so grateful for all of you readers!!!

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Traceyr said...

Congratulations to you Janet.

I didn't get my entry finished on time but I have still blogged it if you want to take a look.

Thanks for the challenge.