Thursday, December 20, 2012


I'm awake tonight and wondering if in fact this will be the last day on earth. The jury's still out... too early to tell. It's only 11:30 on the 20th. So instead of worrying... I want to propose an idea that i hope you decide to act on.

I was in line at the drive thru at starbucks the other day. Now, you gotta know that I never do this and I am not a coffee drinker. I am however in search of the perfect hot chocolate. I ordered and got to the window and the nice young guy there told me that the car in front of me paid for my drink. WOW! Really? That blew me away and led me to pay for the two high school girls drinks that were in line behind me. I can only hope that they in turn, kept it going. 

So here's my proposal. 
In light of what happened to those sweet little babies in Connecticut... I think it's time we be a little kinder as a human race. I have had a really hard time of it since the killing of those 26 teachers and kids. Crying uncontrolably, just not in the Christmas mood and kinda sad all the time. So today, I decided to break out and make a donation to a cause I think is really important in our community. I don't have much... it doesn't take much. There are so many things you can do. 

then, tonight i saw this gal on the news who just lost her job and was so taken by what happened in Connecticut.... that she bought a cake mix and made cupcakes. Then she went out on the streets where people were Christmas shopping and rushing and stressed. She offered up a cupcake. That simple and free. She knew she shouldn't spend the money being unemployed... but she did it anyway and it made her heart smile. 
(Here comes the proposal)
It's Christmas time.... what if we all just pledge to do one nice thing for someone tomorrow. Just one simple thing.... put a dollar in a salvation army kettle, pay for someone's coffee, help someone with their holiday shopping... something. I donno what exactly. It will come to you.
It's that old pay it forward thing. If you do it then maybe someone else will. It may brighten someone's day. It may change someone's life. It will make someone's heart smile for just a minute and maybe more. 
so who's with me? 
i know you're busy... heck, i haven't even started shopping yet, i have a full time job, i have 2 side jobs and 2 blankets to finish crocheting. But i will pay something forward for someone tomorrow. Let's bring humanity back to the word human. 



KrissyB said...

Lindsay, your words are so inspirational. I'm going to make "Random Acts of Kindness" a goal of mine for the new year. It doesn't take a lot of money to do something kind for someone in need. All of us have talents we can use to brighten someone's day. I wish you a bright, new year!

Anonymous said...

I love to do this. I paid for a service members coffee at SB's and also paid for the car behind me at Joe on the fun! For Xmas we are donating to Salvation Army - helped my Mom as a single mother - and to Project Purr - feral cat rescue. Hope to do something special in memory of the CT sad! Beth