Saturday, February 2, 2013

groundhogs day... winner!

it's groundhogs day....
 early winter by 6 weeks
shoot, it seems like here in the sierras
that we never even got winner...
i meant winter...
oh well, 
since i said "WINNER"
how about it...
 let's pick a winner of the
HOME SWEET HOME challenge.
Charley... the winning picking dog,
drum roll please....
thanks Claudia... for your fabulous
journal entry of your warm and cozy
coffee maker 
(hand drawn prize comin' at ya!)
 * * * 
QUESTION blog follower friends...
i have been having issues with folks being able to subscribe to the blog. So... i added a new button over there on the right for FEEDBURNER. Will you please comment if you 
a. have subscribed but get nothing
b. have subscribed and get all my blog posts
c. are now subscribing thru the new feeburner
d. don't really care to subscribe ( yeah, don't reply if that's the case)
thanks so much... this technical stuff is hard for me to figure out
thanks so much!!!


lindsay ostrom said...

this is a test to see if my comment goes through

Joan V said...

Congrats to Claudia. Nice to see others' artwork. Thanks for sharing.