Tuesday, March 5, 2013

postcards for peoples....

are you kidding me?
10 days until i close the open pen pal calling ..... and then just a few short weeks after that until the start of 
our 4th annual
i am so so excited....
we are at about 70 pen pals for pairing up.

so, i have started making postcards...
lots and lots of postcards.
all in different themes, kinda. These were all done 
on chipbaord with a brown pen and white charcoal pencil.

 kinda lovin' the whole white pencil on plain old chipbaord.
since i send one card to each person who is playing in this 
letter writing challenge.... i need quite a few.
I am trying to do 5 a day.
That should give me enough, right?

Seriously.... I am humbled by something my boss said to me today. He told me that he was helping me out with a logo for an event we are doing at work in conjunction with National Letter Writing Month.... making cards for our service men and women over seas. Anyway... he went online to find a logo for NLWM.... and low and behold.... he said that when he googled it; he found out that he should just come see me. He said me and my little blog challenge came up #1 on the google search. Seriously... we can up before the United States Postal Service. Their loss! Really. They had a great campaign a few years back with this NLWM idea. And they cry poor and need to boost revenue. Well.... they need to hire me as their marketing person. Hello.... postmaster general. Call me. I am available for hire. Let's save the postal service. 

Did i say that i was so so excited to get started?
well, i am. I will continue to post some of my handmade cards as the month 
progresses. If you still wanna join us... come on. There is always room for a few
more letter writers. Just email me your name and your snail mail address to
you can also follow our letter writing adventures on facebook

and last but not least.... if you feel that a pen pal is just too much of a 
committment for you right now.... just make a pledge to yourself to
write a letter or send a card to someone. Everyone loves getting mail and you
will start a flow that will keep going. It's joyful to go to the mailbox
and see a handwritten envelope and not a bill. Give it a go. You will
see a smile come back to that pretty face of yours.

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Dawn said...

Your postcards are so cute and I'm so totally excited for next month! What is chipboard?? I must get me some!