Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mother - Daughter ... tell me a story

 So a while ago, blog friend and blog writer Cory from Pink Dogwood Blossom's blog - sent me over her entry for my Tell Me A Story contest ( that ends today by the way). She  had so much fun doing her tutu story that she got her grown daughter into the mix as well.
Her daughter Teresa who owns T Pots Pottery in Truckee California... sent in this really cute journal page that she added a little fun story to. I think they both did a fabulous job. 
Thanks Ladies for playing.... 
I will be adding both your names for the super deluxe and fantastic prize for the month. I know someone lovely and deserving will win this one.


Letter Writing Prep.
So.... for those that do not know....
And I am looking for a few great pen pals. 
Read the post here to tell you all about it.
join us....
won't you
* * *
so.... show me some of the fabulous cards and writings that you are doing durring the month of march. That's the blog challenge for the month. Cards, letters and postcards. I will post them here.... send them to me via email

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lady tie di said...

I want in on the letter writing!!!!