Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday Workday... the awning

Well, again... i intened to post a tutorial for you all but I have biiger goals this week. My friend Marilyn and I decided to make our own awning for our little vintage trailers. She sewed hers over the weekend. Strips of wild upholstry fabric for her qypsy trailer and it looks so good. I wanted to paint mine because i couldn't find any fabric that screams... "hey, i'm a hippy and this is my best friend and trailer Little Miss Sunshine" - so, i am painting my fabric and then making the awning.

So my husband is gone for 5 days and it's super cold and windy outside. What a better place to paint but the living room floor. Since we have no couches right now there is plenty of room. As i was laying out the tarp, them a white sheet from the thrift store and then the outdoor canvas i thought - "Oh thank heavens my dad isn't here to see this, he would ground me for sure" and then... as i started splashing paint all over the canvas i thought ... " hmmm, i am glad my husband is gone for 5 days or i might be divoriced" - not really... but i can hear him screaming at me in my head.

I mixed textile medium with the paints ( which i should have bought three times as much of ) and put them into these little squirt bottles. I took a deep breath and started in. 

I knew i wanted circles and polka dots. But all the canvas that I saw online and at the store, were all stripes and nothing that really said... hello, this is lindsay the crazy artsy girls trailer. So... i started the first layer with the deep golden brown first and then the sunshine yellow on the top.

This is the first 3 1/2 x 7' panel or three that I have to paint. And this is just the first layer. I am letting it dry and then adding text ( of course ) and more dots and splashes. The little valance in the front is going to have my trailers name on it "Little Miss Sunshine" and it's gonna have lots of streamers and hangy downy stuff from the edges. I will keep posting as i get further and further. I will be done for sure by Memorial Weekend for International Glamping Weekend. My group, the Sassy Sisters of the Sierra's is hosting a weekend of vintage fun at Rollin's Lake in Northern California. ... so so excited. 

I think that Charley thought i was nuts getting down on my hands and knees splashing paint everywhere. He just sat there and looked at me thinking... " man, I am so glad that my dad is gone for the week" ..... hehehe, me too!
Stay tuned.

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Joan V said...

Lindsay, oh my are you ever adventurous. What a large project, but with your talent, I am sure it will be a piece of art. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what comes next. Have a happy day.