Wednesday, May 8, 2013

random number generator

Ok ladies.... I know that I said that my dog charley 
(pictured below)
was going to pick a number for the winner of the book
 well, here it is the 8th already and I am 7 days late and 
sick as a dog...really. Bad head cold. So, the last thing i wanna do
is have charley come in and chew up 32 pieces of paper to find the winner. 
How about next month for charley?
This month... we HAVE A WINNER....
i used random number generator
and the winning number is 
and that comment belongs to DOGWOOD!!!
(not kidding, yes... you won another challenge!)
I will get you your book next week...
thanks for playing ladies

Now... back to this months challenge
you all need to start commenting so these lovely entries
have a chance to win!!!

 above is a fabulous zentangle from
my friend Chris... pretty!
 the next two pieces here are from Dawn-
both the beautiful hydrangea pages
 the beautiful zentagles that she cut up into
cool little bookmarks.
and last but not least for the day is another 
IPad drawing by Lily's 
4 year old granddaughter. 
thanks ladies for playing
keep 'em coming!


Dogwood said...

I won I won oh I won. I am so excited. I have never won one of Lindsay's challenges. Oh, I lied, I have won many many of her challenges. Thanks Lindsay...
I will definitely share the book with all of you lovely ladies who lost. Hehe...I am a very silly.

Chris said...

Cory, you cheat. LOL

Hugs anyway, Chris

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love all those Zentangle tiles! Congratulations to Cory Dogwood for winning the book. I hope you're feeling better, Lindsay!

Lilli Belle said...

Congratulations Cory!! I, too, love the zentangle! Awesome work! However, I am particularly fond of the iPad drawing...wink wink!

Dogwood said...

I love love Chris' zentangle.
I did not know she knew how to do zens!
She is a multi-talented artist.

Feel better Lindsay!!!

Scatterjoy said...

I love the hydrangeas! I must learn to do those!

Bernardine said...

All stuff is beautiful, but I like the hydrangeas the most!

Anne said...

Well, I guess I need to start playing!! Is this how you win lottery? ;-)
I have done a few drawing, but nothing worse sharing yet! I will as soon as I coincided worthy!

Dawn said...

Congrats Cory!! Love that little Ipad drawing!

Traceyr said...

ooo I love Dawn's hydranga journal page and her zentangles