Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's the first...
and I know we have alot to reflect upon.
Some good, some not so good, some funny, some great,
some amazing... 
so take this word
and incorporate it into your journals, scrapbooks, art
and share with me via email and i might
post your piece here on the blog.
we have a winner for the scribbles book
when my hubs finished snoring this morning and woke up, before i wished him a happy new year or gave him a kiss... i asked him to pick a number between 1 and 31. He came up with 27. Just like that without thinking... what a guy. So the 27th comment on the blog was made by.... drumroll please....
send me an email with your address
and i will get your book out asap
stay tuned next week for


Janet said...

Hmmm...So Roben's prompt on one side of the tip in, your's on the other...then I just need to figure out how to incorporate my one photo a week and I'll be good to go. My challenge will be to figure out how to relate each prompt to my OWL (organize.) This should be a lot of fun!

Jude said...

I hope you got my e-mail! I had to reply on my phone, and just now am reading blogs. We were doing "electronics free" to try and reboot our brains after frying them with too much TV and ok, candy crush, over Christmas :)