Friday, January 24, 2014

what's up in lindsayland

 Well, aside from working in my Documented Life Journal (above)  - the challenge this week was to hide a word. Well, that was too easy for me... so i hid them all. I have not been feeling quite up to par and when that happens i become very opinionated... and well, I get on my soapbox and voice my opinion. That is me... on my soapbox.
And, i entered a Pentel pens contest because I finally found my favorite pens to write in the Moleskin Journal that we are using for this challenge. It's a Pentel Technica Hybrid. I love it. It comes in 4 sizes - 03,04,05, and 06. Fine, black and lovely. And watercolor and colored pencil both love them. What could be better?

So, every year i want to do this one word thing. Once i tried to pick one word for the year.... well, that' a bust. Too many good words and each month I seem to be feeling moved by a different word.  So, i start with one a week and then seem to go to one a month and then, it just fizzels out from there. There are just too many great words and I love to put them together to make sentances.... so, well... i flaked out way early this year. I didn't even get through a month. I have good intentions... and we may add in some words from time to time. So hang in there. 


Createology said...

You are looking positively beautiful on your soapbox. Love your cheerful happy drawings and letterings. Healing energy dear...

Susan said...

Oh, I love your feather! Just gorgeous, as is your lettering. Will have to search out those pens.