Sunday, February 2, 2014

THe Super Bowl Journal Shuffle

Pretty proud today
my first real video 
take by my son right before
the super bowl 
so may i present...
the Super Bowl Journal Shuffle

it looks like my camerman pushed the mute
button half way through....
sorry about that.
the good news is that
it can only get better :)


Createology said...

You are so cute and I love your journal with all of your signature style and color. Sorry the mute button engaged. Great sharing dear...

Cathy von Hassel-Davies said...

Thanks for the video I loved it and your journal. I really like the idea of adding pockets and printing out a month view.


Ivey Fennell said...

I loved the peek inside your journal - thank you so much for taking the time to shoot the video. Your pages are so creative and I adore your doodles and wee characters. I hope you continue to share!