Friday, March 28, 2014

a little Pre NLWM Shenanigans!

We are gearing up for 
National Letter Writing Month
which starts on April 1st.
We are full up with something like 138 ladies and one very
brave mail man... i mean, male!
follow along here if you are not in this year.
If you wanna play next year...
let me know EARLY!

And now..... we are going to feature a few of our pen pals
here on the blog this month.

FIRST.... meet Kelsey Smith

I work with Kelsey and she is one of the most dedicated
readers, crafters, embroidering crazed, granny square makers - I have 
ever met! She is just a fun girl! Here she is with her 
favorite books and her new kindle! She also is quite a big
journaler and good old fashioned scrapbooker! She and I are kindred spirits
our hearts and souls deep routed in 70's and 80's art and music!

 I asked all of our feature bloggers a few fun questions... and here is Kelsey's response...

Kelsey.... why did you join National Letter Writing Month ...
I joined NLWM because growing up i was always fascinated with the idea of having a pen pal. I also am a closet writer. When i was in beauty school i wrote and 80 page story

 Is this your first year in NLWM and if not, what's your favorite part....
 This is my 3rd year and i love playing the favorites game with my pen pal and learning about their interests!

 Tell us a little bit about your blog....
I started my blog as an extraciricular activity. I want to work in a publishing house, so i am learning to write more on and review books as well as soaking up each and every story
 What's your favorite medium to create in....
My favorite medium to create with is embroidery floss, and i love making quote books. I am a NOTORIOUS quoter and when i find one that i like i copy it down in one of my quote books
What inspires you to be creative....
 what inspires me the most is my books, and my movies. I find so many things that i would like to make to match something i read or saw

for being the first blogger to be featured here
on my blog.

and those of you following along with the shenanigans of this NLWM,
i still need to choose a winner for the free book
of stamps from a fellow pen pal.
My doggie and I will choose one on Sunday!

Stay tuned for more letter writing fun


Createology said...

Hello Kelsey. How fun to embroider and write and keep a quotations book. Thank you for sharing your blog with us here on Lindsay's NLWM explosion of mail! Creative Bliss...

Kelsey Smith said...

Thank you Lindsay for featuring me!