Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the first day of National Letter Writing Month

 It's finally here!

the first day of 
National Letter Writing Month!!!

   No one is in trouble for sending out mail early.... however, since Saturday, i have gotten 24 pieces of mail! Wow. That's what I get for not having one specific pen pal and having 138 pen pals, one Phanton Postal Person, one Wild Card player, 17 mystery writers and 2 wild and crazy happy cardmakers to write to!

   Above and below is a pic of all 24 pieces. They are all fabulous! I did get a very large board that is used to wrap fabric on in stores from Joy.... i took two pics so you could see both sides. It's HUGE. Down to the smallest piece of mail, a courage chicken from little Diane ( i kinda love it alot!)

   I have alot of mail to answer... so be patient and hang in there

The two pics above and below are from a mother and daughter team playing for the first time this year. I think mom is a fabulous photographer and daughter loves getting her mail! So happy to have Meghan and Jennifer playing this year!

 the picture below is just the beautiful cards that
meghan and jennifer received on this first day of mail
 below is some happy mail for 
marilyn on this snowy day in nor cal
 below barbara received a Joy bottle - 
she didn't tell me who these were from, but i 
bet it's from Joy.... and look at the fun seed packet!
 The pertty brown bag and dance card was sent from Ann and Sarah to Kelly
love the kraft colors
 Melindagot all the beautiful mail below here

and that sums up our first day of mail that folks 
sent me pictures of already. Stay tuned for more up close and personal pics as I get them and some features on some of our letter writers and their blogs.

leave a comment or two please!
the letter writers would love your feedback


Judy Bagley said...

Nice array of mail for the first day! I think the postal service gave extra special rush delivery!

Trece said...

Wonderful!! I got one piece Saturday and one piece today!

Createology said...

Off to a wonderful Happy Mail beginning. I am awed by the creativity of some of this mail. Whew! The bar is pretty high. I think I will do the limbo and go low and lean (well not with this body!). Lindsay you are such a wonderful CHEERLEADER for us all. Thank You Dear!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Wonderful post, Lindsay, and great photo selections. I'm so excited to be participating for my second year. Now if I could only figure out how to get my photos to my COMPUTER and not just have them posted from my phone. this new DESKTOP runs both Windows OS AND MAC OS (and all my pics are now in iPhoto, which i'm not familiar with) - so no more photo access via my windows OS. i'm rather lost ... but YOU BLOG LIKE CRAZY, girl. love it! - Davi

Tasha said...

It is so much fun and it's only the 1st day! I am so glad I am a part of NLWM. Thank you for organizing this fantastic adventure.

Christine Baluk said...

I love love love you for doing this for us!!!

Cheekie's Ink Pad said...

Thanks for the awesome blog post!! I have gotten 3 pieces of mail so far!! Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

What a great post, Lindsay! Meghan and I are very grateful for our participation in NLWM this year. We look forward to checking our mailbox to see the beautiful letters sent to us by pen pals across the nation/world. It really is a wonderful feeling to step away from technology for a while, sit in a quiet corner, and create with your hands. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Terrie said...

Love April! So much fun, the mail just takes over your life for a month. HAPPY!!!

Dogwood said...

This is my fifth year of being a part of Lindsay's wonderful NLWM. so much fun with the giving and receiving. Along with making new friends and learning new crafting tricks.
Smiles. Cory/Dogwood

Marilyn B said...

Lots of great cards and letters already and it's only day TWO! This is such a fun month.

Melinda said...

This is my second year to be part of NLWM and I am having so much fun! Thank you as always for all of your hard work!

Anne said...

Wait?? There is no "Like" Button on Blogger?? LOL!
Well, I just LIKE it a LOT!!! So!!! Thumb up and all!
And you are right, Jennifer is one of the most talented photographer. It does help when you have such beautiful children to take pictures of! :-)

Sharla said...

Love the photos you've posted, Lindsay...Thanks again for putting this fun event together for all of us to share in the fun. I love mail and I love April!

Anonymous said...

You are the most creative and fun person I've never met! Lindsay you're awesome-Rita