Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bunnita.... a cousin of Flat Fanny

 Flat Fanny is currently ... well, super busy. She is getting ready
for two weddings today. Yep, that's right - two in one day. 
One next week and then a very special wedding the week after-
my son's!
 so while she is away getting all dolled up....
her sister and Full Moon Girl Bunnita
is stepping up to hang out with you all
Bunnita came to be last night during the full moon.
She is week 24 of my
stay tuned for some pretty exciting news 
in LindsayLand - SOON!!!!!
i mean... over the Moon exciting!

what is your flat fanny up to?
send me your pics and see them here
 here is Cory Dogwood's Flat Fanny -
hanging with her whisper doll friends

1 comment:

Dogwood said...

My Flat Fanny say..."thanks for putting my picture on you blog." Bunnita is very pretty. Cory/Dogwood