Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flat Fanny goes to France...and more!

I am working right now on a journal that you will see alot of. 
It's based on Idiomatic Speech - Idioms. I am pretty busy with other art projects 
and a new top secret line of products 
( coming to a store near you later this summer )
Above shows Idiom#3 - She has her head in the clouds.
I always liked that phrase
and she literally does here....
It's been a lean year of pics of Flat Fanny's travels...
but Saucy Chick Sherry took Fanny with her
to France this summer. Here is Fanny with her
latest purchase. Fanny bought a bought an Absinthe Spoon in
 St. Remy France at a real Brocante. What a world traveler she is!
 Sherry also took a mini Art Journaling workshop with me
earlier this week. These are her two pages here 
with this sweet little lambie pie
 And these two pages below are mine...
minus the journaling. 
Next blog post, i will show you the finished piece 
and what you can do with these pages when you are finished

Happy Super Moon weekend!!!
Get outside tonight and see the moon


Janet said...

Ours has been to Lake Tahoe and Mt. Shasta, but we keep forgetting to take pictures! And she'll be going back to Alaska next week. You'll LOVE how Hannah modified her this year. Hannah has turned into a tomboy, and is taking Fanny with her on her new journey. I'm so proud of her creativity in modifying her!

Createology said...

Flat Fanny has some more adventures to share very soon. I had such a great time with you dear making my art journaling page. You are the very best teacher/mentor ever!!! Flat Fanny Summer Creative Bliss...