Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I periscope... do you?

Do you know periscope?
I am going to be using it to post some new videos,
and I hope if you use it... you will follow me.
I tried this a while back but i guess i didn't know what I was dealing with-
Now i do. I hope.
Hahaha.... it's all live so who knows what might happen.
But it's on a cell phone and did i say it was live?
And you can comment...
and hearts go streaming up the side when you like 
what demo I will be showing you...
It's all cool... until some creeper creeps in.
And that happened the first time I did this... it was awful.
But, I figured it out ( fingers crossed )
and it will just be us... you guys that follow me.
And you will be able to access my videos for 24 hours.
then... they are gone.
So find me...
Lindsay Ostrom
Follow me for fun lettering, craft projects and fun!
My first video will be
at 10am (PST)
Join me... won't you?


Rita Montgomery said...

I can't always watch live periscope and usually forget to watch within the 24 hour period. Can you save your videos to youtube so we can watch whenever. I watch a lot of other artists periscope vids this way. Thanks.

Claudia said...

Ok, I'm confused. I just downloaded Periscope so I could try this. But this is posted on February 10th yet is says you will do this Friday the 13th, in January. There was no Friday the 13th in January, nor does the 13th fall on Friday in February or March. What's up?