Thursday, September 1, 2016

Starving artist sale starts 9.2.16!!!

Guess what starts tomorrow... Fruday, September 2nd? Well, I'll be 58 tomorrow and I need to clean my hoard. Starting with art.

This is a little seek peek. I have hundreds of pieces... Drawings, doodles, rubber stamps, art quilts, mixed media name it. So here's how it will work. 

1. My work will post first to my Instagram account. Follow me there at Lindsay Ann Ostrom. 

2. Not on Instagram? It will also post to my Facebook page in an album ditch the same title and photo above ( Lindsay's under the bed starving artist sale). 

3. Find a piece you like and email me at . Only emailed requests will be accepted. Email me your name, address, pay pal account info and the piece(s) you want. I will send you a pay pal invoice and you can pay from that.

4. Every purchase will come with a grab bag of not sale worthy pieces... Doodles, unfinished art, scribbles... Whatever. It's gotta go. So please support your favorite artist... Me! And check back often for new pieces.

5. All pieces will ship within a week after receipt of pay pal invoice.

Simple as pie

I will upload pieces every few days. So buy for you, but for a gift, Christmas is coming... So buy often. Every penny of your purchase will go to buy gas, milk and new undies for me❤️... Haha. Seiously. Thanks ahead of time. 

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