Thursday, January 28, 2010

ahh... good to be home

I am so happy to be back in my Sierra home. It's just so beautiful here and all i want to do is create. This place makes me feel creative.
So.... here are a few more pictures from the show. The picture above is of Heidi Swapps new partnership with Glimmer Mist. She has made screens, chips and of course her new paint. Which is suppose to be more opaque. I also ordered new mist from Maya Road, which i loved. It is totally opaque on chipboard! Very cool.
This card shows the glimmer mist in action. The other things that were everywhere were old, 50's, Key West style beach and seaside images; as well as amimals like jungle and zoo critters.
This is just one of the lines I ordered from Basic Grey. I wish i could remember all the names... this one is Origins, I also ordered Wiskers - an animal group and a beautiful Green line in all greens and yellows. They also have a basics line of papers in white and brown which were college ruled papers, dots and grids.... love these too!
Here is Glitz Designs. We had it before when they first came out... but they have grown into their own. With a vintage line
( vintage was the biggest overall look everywhere) and a cool little boys line with a vintage games look. These shown here are texture patterned rub ons. So cool... like lace, grid, bricks, music notes. Just like background stamps... but rub-on's.
Here is an amazing sample from Basic Grey. Ripped and torn edges were big everywhere too. In fact, Zutter even made a tool (electronic) that you slide your paper in and it chomps it up. You can do the same thing with a scissors without much noise and for alot less money... so you won't see that in the store. They are also packaging up cardboard... seriously. 12x12 cardboard - 2 sheets for $5 each. Whatever! Didn't order that either. Or the e 11x17 sheets of weird crafty newsprint that you could obtain the same look by buying a used book at a thrift store. That was huge too.... old book pages and making flowers out of them and spraying with glimmer mist.....
Here is the green at heart line. Lots of trees and leaves in this line from Basic Grey. Trees were big too... which is good for me because I am drawing lots of trees!
Here is Michal, myself, Tami, Mark ( our manager ) and Craig
( in the back... our owner)... after Craig let me place about a million dollar order at Accu-Cut for new dies and the brand new mega Grand Mark machine that will allow us to have dies that will turn into mini books, 12x12 decorate pages like circles with scallops and brackets paper. I ordered some fabulous dies... cannot wait to play with the new sparrow, fall leaves, peace sign and the Creative Cafe mixed up mini book!!!!! Did you know that anything you can cut with a scissors... you can cut with a die cut machine?
These are two new dies i ordered. The Christmas tree... which could double as a cool pine tree and the celestial star. This was a felt and stitched piece. Cute!
Here are some of my Old School scrappin' friends. We stopped to chat and catch up and took a picture... Jeanne Wines-Reed, editor of Scrapbook Retailer magazine and creator of the Great American Scrapbook Convention and Melody Ross..... from Chattrerbox and now with GCD deisgns. She designed one of the talked about tools at the show. It's a series of texturing and alphabet tools to punch(hammer) into chipboard to distress and embellish it. I liked them, alot... but a bit pricy for now.

OK... my favorite story about my favorite person at the show. This is my very old friend Harry Hambly, I call him Mr. Hambly because he is a man of honor to me. While we were checking into our flight at the Barnes and Noble Cafe, Mr. Hambly was there as well. He came up to me and said " Lindsay, you won't beleive this". I listened... when Mr. Hambly speaks... you listen. He is the creator of Hambly Studios stickers and now scrapbooking goodies. But... did you know that he began his career by designing those amazing posters for some of the most incredible Rock and Roll concerts ever staged? They were the posters for the Bill Graham concerts at the Filmore and the Cow Palace for The Greatful Dead, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and more!!! That's why he is a God to me. Love him. So, a guy came up to him at the show and said his posters were in a book he wrote called "Ultra Violet" - the documentary of the acid era art! Wow.... gotta love that. So, he came to the booth to order some. He needed a bit of help with the computer and ordering process... but when all was said and done, he ordered 6 hard cover copies. Love it! He has invited me numerous times to his factory to see his original creations and posters in person. Someday i will take him up on it.
More pictures will follow in the coming days from the show. For now, i have catalogs to go thru and ordering to do.... until next time!

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