Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day One.... do something creative everyday

It's the first day of the 28 DAYS of DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERYDAY CHALLENGE. I got a photo last night from a blog reader... and I am totally looking forward to the end result. She said" Since my husband, the living saint who is helping me acquire digital camera skills, is on day 31 of a nasty cold, I am inspired to start saving disinfectant wipes to use in an upcycle new project. Sort of like what people are doing with the dryer sheets" I love it. See her picture? She is a serious crafter! Cannot wait until I see the end result.

As i receive your finished creative photos for this challenge, I will post them without your name so that you can comment on everyones work without knowing who did what. At the end of the 28 DAY CHALLENGE... we will pick 3 winners and I will post them on the blog. You will have 1 week then to e-mail me and I will send you your Lindsay Original Goodies...... Ok? Let's get creative.

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