Monday, February 1, 2010

DAY ONE... challenges

Welcome to the first day of the 28 day DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERYDAY challenge. It has been such a fun day to go to my inbox every few hours and find such great treasures. I know alot of you are still working on things and I hope to see pictures really soon. As for me, I spent my night putting all my buttons into mason jars, by color of course and then putting those into my new wooden 7-Up soda pop bottle box. It looks funky and inspiring... so, i gotta go get crafty! Can't wait for tomorrow.

This project above is a calendar flip book with all the pieces going together on a O-ring. Sweet little crumpled paper flowers and beautiful bright spring colors... such a great gift idea! Thanks.
This one isa pretty little stamped tags with a vine and glittered heart with lotion for valentine's day, packed with tissue shred ready for a lovely valentine gift. Thanks .... this is super cute!
Next is an altered tissue box... one of my favorite new projects to make! It's painted up, collaged and tied with a pretty bow for a special birthday gift. Thanks for playing!

Next is a framed art piece that will be hanging all month at the Nevada City Winery on show. This piece is an altered wine bottle label with neon gel pen accents. It's actually for sale for $75 with all the proceeds going to UNICEF to help with aid to the children of Haiti. Let me know if you'd be interested in bidding on it.

I hope you all are having as much fun with this as i am! And please send me your pictures so you can be included into the drawing for a Lindsay handmade gift! My e-mail is Peace Out!

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